The content of the studies is highly personalized depending on your own needs and expectations (products and services benchmark of direct competitors or related industries etc.)

These studies are developed based on French and foreign press articles, books, focus groups, websites, academic or professional experts’ interviews etc.

Saint Germain Consulting is also able to present the main results of the studies to the attention of your executive committee or managerial staff within your company.

Following the study, Saint Germain Consulting can also help you by designing a strategic note.

Our expertise

It is mainly focusing on customer experience and digital marketing in the banking and insurance industries.

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Internet of Things: international Banking and insurance wearable apps
January 2015 / 150 slides / 790 Euros

Glasses, watches, wristbands, virtual reality headset, iBeacon or even wearable suits… Which bank or insurer have already launched a wearable app and why? What are the features of these apps dedicated to customers or employees? What are customers’ needs and expectations? What are customers’ fears? What are primary customers’ uses ? What are the app features that banks and insurers have already abandoned? What are the future app features or devices that banks and insurers expect to focus on? What are the Internet of Things key figures and projected trends?

This study includes more than 150 slides and covers the major wearables app that banks and insurers have developed so far. More than 70 of them are indeed analyzed. The objectives of the bank or the insurer are presented and illustrated by CEO or Digital Marketing Director verbatim, the main current and future features of the app and first customers’ feedbacks are detailed. In addition, the study includes several relevant links to press articles and videos illustrating the bank or insurer wearable app.

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